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L.allumeur de réverbère de Saint-Exupéry dans Le Petit Prince

L’art de la Décennie des Lumières 2015-2025

L’année 2014 a été certes une qui sera bien rappelée par l’histoire. Que de guerres, que d’occupation illégitime, que de barbarie; que de pleurs, que de souffrance; que d’obscurantisme. Quoi écrire à ce moment? Je ne sais pas, je ne sais plus. Je ne souhaite en 2015 que de la lumière, physique et spirituelle.  Mais pour cela se fasse, il faut de la connaissance et de la bonne volonté tout comme il eut été lors du Siècle des Lumières (1720 – 1790).

Vers 1750, c’est l’installation des réverbères dans les villes d’Europe. Il y a baisse de la criminalité provoquée par l’éclairage urbain. La lumière n’est plus une affaire privée, elle appartient enfin à tous. Au même moment que l’on installait ces lampes, c’est aussi la promotion du savoir dans toutes les strates sociales; c’est aussi la promotion de l’espace public qui engendrera une nouvelle spiritualité appartenant à lui et elle. Il en sera de même avec l’art et la plupart des artistes, dont les peintures de Turner entre-autres. Et que dire des ateliers de Monet et de Cézanne.

Peut-être verrons-nous en 2015 l’amorce de la Décennie des Lumières où les sciences et les arts réaliseront qu’il est temps à l’intégration; où il y aura des économies justes de partage; où les grandes religions du monde s’entendront en effet que Dieu c’est Dieu et pour tout le monde et qu’il appartient à lui ou à elle de le vénérer comme bon lui semble.

Qu’en 2015, nous devenions un allumeur de réverbères.



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We all make art! It is part of culture. It is deeply rooted in human nature as a way of communicating with others. We all need to tell our stories because it is stories that link us all. We are all one, one creative mind! Though, all unique and equipped with unique ways of expressing ourselves. We live in constant search of that unique liberating voice. At Walk the Arts we aim to facilitate our art makers to explore new territories. Our painting classes and art history trips on three continents are meant to be rounded art experiences among small groups of like-minded adults. We offer an environment that fosters creativity. As we always say, art as religion is just a matter of faith. This blog is about living fully the experience of art, about finding our single artistic path, about the joy of art-making. We believe that making art accessible to all will lead to a betterment of our society.


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Some of you may say; “but I know perspective!” Of course! Most of you know perspective first by intuition and then through your lifetime readings here and there. But, honestly, do you really understand it? Meaning, as an observer within the landscape, can you feel, analyze, and understand every object that inhabits it? Can you determine the exact proportions of each of the objects in relation to “you”, without using a measuring tape?

We can’t wait to see you again!


Travelling to Italy to paint and eat! This is what we want! We are optimistic about our upcoming art workshop in Tuscany, Studio Italia 2021 (October 1–10).
In a nutshell; we cannot wait to meet everyone, to see you again, to have this morning coffee together in Tuscany, to do art as a group, in brief, to fully enjoy life all around a gourmet meal with excellent wines.

Art and Neurosciences


When a subject becomes familiar, the brain activity shuts down like when viewing a lovely chickadee painting…

Can we talk about the neuroscience of art? This is the question that French neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux addresses in his beautiful book The Beauty in the Brain or La Beauté dans le Cerveau (Odile Jacob, 2016). Prof. Changeux describes how the human brain behaves when making or contemplating a work of art. To make a long story short, he argues that the neural bases of aesthetic pleasure are the product of the link between cognitive and emotional brain functions, in other words, the harmony between reason and emotion. Moreover, he gives some tips on how artists can maximize the impact of their works on their audience.

Evolving in art is just a matter of faith; only believe!


We refrain from teaching painting techniques easily found on the Net. We prefer taking the necessary time (36 hours) to fully involve the participant in reflecting on her or his art — including all levels, all media […]
Rest assured that having attended one of our online classes, you will be more confident in taming the landscape in your own way while on a plein-air painting workshop.

May I see the instructor’s works?


So why do we attend a painting workshop In Tuscany, Provence or South America? We attend a workshop to learn from each other, to share our passion, to live an art experience and to enjoy the power of knowledge through creation. This is what we offer at Walk the Arts.

Plein Air Painting = Trapping the Moment


Here’s a curious paradox: stopping time by painting quickly. Can one set a trap to catch the moment’s impression? Can the artist’s canvas trap the beauty and the wonder of observed events which melt all too quickly in the flow of time? Can time be halted? Yes, says Michael Findlay, obviously, this is what artists do…

Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking

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Ten years ago, here in Tuscany, we decided to write a recipe book but with so many good cookbooks in the market, we needed to propose a new idea. We had to find a modus operandi close to who we are and what we do as visual artists. The answer was in front of us and painting gave it to us: art and color!

Travelling with meaning : a painting workshop in Italy


More and more travellers from the developed world are looking for meaningful travels. We are aiming for journeys that allow us to learn something new, to deepen our culture, to enhance our lives. Purpose, inspiration and self-discovery are now vital elements in our traveling choices. Probably, this is why our quality painting workshops offered since 1997, have become more and more popular.

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