Online virtual synchronous art classes

To be offered in the Fall 2020 (Northern Hemisphere)
Details to come with schedule and price

“Rendering Visible the Invisible"

This 12-week painting workshop is specifically designed and delivered around COVID-19. From confinement, physical distancing, life dualisms, undoubtedly stories are arising from this life-mind-altering situation.

By being confined at home with limited social interactions, can our creative process evolve? What should I finally paint? Why was I repeating all that time? Where lies my creativity? In brief, how can I become authentic as an emerging artist in these historical times?

"How Sweet is Perspective"

This 9-week online perspective drawing class aims to provide students with a solid notion of perspective drawing. A series of exercises and problems will sharpen the visual perception of various drawing components: horizon line, vanishing points, proportions, the reality, the virtual, etc.  At the end of the course, he/she will be able to immediately transfer ideas directly to the paper from his/her imagination.

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