Introduction to Plein Air Painting | The Basic Notions

Trapping Time & Tackling the Real


An introduction to plein air painting is a one-day workshop offered in Canada. Painting the outdoors in undoubtedly a great challenge since the landscape being offered in front of the artist is complex. But at Walk the Arts, we will make it simple through its basic deconstruction in explaining the basic notion. At the end one of this art workshop, you will a better understanding of the field of vision, perspective, colours, texture and composition. You have always been painting in your studio? Why not try plein air painting for one day? We will show how to make that leap. And August is such a beautiful time in Canada.

The Painting Workshop

Indeed, painting outdoors from the real is a great pleasing experience. It forces us to see actively, analyzing the various natural components being offered to you, the artist. Moreover, it pushes you out of your comfort zone, while seizing the moment. During the first 20 minutes on location, it can be quite intimidating at first, but after instruction, you will be at ease to tackle the subject being offered in front of you. Brief demonstrations, personalized attention, helpful hints, and gentle critique will increase your creative confidence.

This introduction in plein air painting will cover the material needed in the field, where to choose a location and why, the analysis of light, the understanding of colors (values) and textures and the breaking down the subject matter for a great composition. But most important, this painting workshop will tell you why you have chosen this particular subject, and your physical positioning in relationship to the selected landscape; of course, we will deal with basic perspective drawing.

By the end of this one-day art workshop, you will be able to head out into the field with the confidence that you need to complete a true plein air painting.

This course is valuable for artists of all levels of painting and drawing experience.

Material needed

  • A stable and portable field easel
  • Your usual painting materials (paint, brushes, canvas, etc.)
  • View catcher
  • A color wheel?


Outside Ottawa (Canada) in the Pontiac region, close to Portage du Fort, because of its varied topography, its balmy atmosphere and seducing light very close to what we find in Italy and France.

Price and schedule

To be announced

The history of plein air painting


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