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Walk the Arts | Art and Gastronomy
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On Our Gastronomic Meals


Yes, we wrote a cooking book! Joining one our art workshops in Italy, France or Colombia is also living a gastronomic experience. We put emphasis on high quality fresh ingredients, regional food staples and innovative dishes. Our gourmet meals accompanied by great regional wines are a feast of flavors, colors and aromas shared among like-minded people within a unique environment. At Walk the Arts we believe that a particular meal can be lived as an art experience.

“Gourmet meals” they said. We never thought about that!

“Every evening, around the supper table, usually dimly lit by four candles dripping on Chianti bottles, we would have lengthy discussions on various topics. And every night our guests would be amazed at the beauty and the scrumptiousness of our meals — we had learned how to cook by working out hundreds of times our recipes for our artists, as well as for family and friends, and by tasting authentic dishes and new flavors in many restaurants all over the world. As the years passed, we came to notice that, around the end of each Studio Italia workshop, the same comment sneaked back at the table: “Why don’t you write down your recipes? Photocopy them into a booklet and sell them as a souvenir of this wonderful workshop.” We smiled politely, thinking that everyone was able to cook as well as we did. And our answer was always the same: “One day, when we will have some time between two articles or two classes or two flights or…” But one year, a participant in the publishing business suggested that these recipes “be” published, and she was dead serious. So, perhaps all our former participants were right. We finally came to accept the suggestion. Why not?”

“We decided to take the challenge. In our spare time and on four continents, we came to realize that we were, in the last decade, naturally applying our painting knowledge to cooking. We had intuitively developed a methodology that allowed us to step into our kitchen as we always stepped into our studio. As a result, our approach to color revealed itself to be a wonderful mechanism for triggering creativity in the kitchen.”

Excerpts from the Introduction of our book Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking published in 2018. Find more at:

Let Go! The Artist’s Way of Cooking (2018) is our book on color-based creative cooking where you will find Studio Italia recipes and much more. For more information on your future gastronomic meals or to get the book, please visit our site


In 2011 and 2012, we offered creative cooking classes at the LCBO (Liquor Border Control of Ontario) in Ottawa, Canada.  The LCBO is the world’s largest wine importer and a promoter of fine cooking. Our cooking classes entitled “A Taste of Italian Art” offered a three-course meal paired with wines.

Since 1997 Walk the Arts (icscis inc.) has been offering top quality painting workshops, art classes, and art history tours in Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, and the United States.

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Prof. Yves M. Larocque in front of a view of the Val d'Orcia getting ready for an art class in Italy

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