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Walk the Arts | Quality Educational Tours for Colleges and Universities
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Educational Art tours for Colleges and Universities

Walk the Arts also offers quality tailored educational tours in Canada, France, Italy and Spain colleges and universities. We specialize in art history, fine arts, history, philosophy and religion.

Educational Tours

Walk the Arts promotes international learning experiences for college and university students through quality educational tours and  in Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. We offer tailored educational travel programs for colleges and universities who wish to offer their students enriching international experiences. We adapt our international programs to the needs of each educational institution. Besides receiving in-class lectures, students learn about art, history, and philosophy through the subways, wine cellars, squares and outdoor markets which are as important idea transmitters as museums, galleries, and historical sites. Our educational tours aim to provide students with a full spectrum of culture. Our programs last between one to three weeks.

Many American, Canadian and Singaporean universities, aware of the quality of our educational tours, have given credits toward our programs. Our programs also fulfill Art Teacher recertification requirements.


Quality Study Trips – Art our Forte

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Art and art history are indeed our strength. But also, religion, history and philosophy which are intimately linked with these two disciplines.

Our Educational Travel Programs and Art History Seminar Tours are a fine combination of classroom work, museum visits,city exploration and cultural life. Students may be required to research a specific topic in their fields of interest to be presented on location. You may also add a painting workshop component, a feature highly appreciated by our past college students.

What makes our educational tours different?

  • A tailor-made educational trip that puts strong emphasis on providing a learning experience, on art and culture. We adapt to the curriculum and the needs of each institution.
  • A study trip and an art history seminar tour led by experienced professionals in the art and art history domains, instead of tourist guides.
  • An international educational tour dedicated exclusively to a small group of students of an educational institution. This allows us to provide quality instruction, a flexible schedule and a more enjoyable traveling experience. Many companies working with large groups oblige participants to spend too much precious time inside buses.
  • We visit at a relaxed pace and we adapt to the needs of our groups. At Walk the Arts we believe that quality time and hands-on experience are essential ingredients in the learning process.
  • We experience the host country’s way of life: we stay in centrally located hotels, we walk, we take the subway and the city bus, we visit the markets and eat at restaurants frequented by locals, etc.


Flexibility, Teamwork, and… communication

Flexibility, teamwork and communication are the key components of the success of our educational travel programs. From conception to realization, we assist you and your department or faculty in the planning of the finest details. All along our project, we work closely with you in order to arrive together to a compelling program adapted to your syllabus.  Your role as a leader is important to us. Lectures may be shared between you and Walk the Arts based educators.

To facilitate your recruitment of students we provide a customized brochure promoting and accurately describing the educational tour. Upon request, we also visit your institution for pre-departure orientation sessions in order to enrich your overseas study experience. And before departure everyone receives the newsletter with all the study trip information such as the schedule, what and what not to do, safety tips, all the addresses, etc.

In brief, we take care of all the necessary tasks to offer an active learning experience for you and your students in some of the world’s most stimulating and beautiful locations.

 A few of our accomplished educational tours

The Vasari Project I, II, III, IV, IV, V, VI , VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, (2002-2020) Professionalization seminars offered to artists throughout the Province of Ontario in Canada for BRAVO (Bureau des regroupements des artistes visuels de l’Ontario). Some of the guest artists were Fred Forest, Jean Detheux, Sophie Lavaud and Albert Low.

The Birth of Art and Religion (2015)
The Bishop’s School – Educational Tour in Italy
(La Jolla, CA, United States)

Nuit Blanche Ottawa (2011)
Bureau des Regroupements des Artistes Visuels de l’Ontario
(ON, Canada)

University of Sherbrooke: PHI777 (2009)
An esthetic and philosophy two-week post-graduate seminar in Rome, Tuscany and Florence. From Cicero to Pico della Mirandola- Educational program in Italy
University of Sherbrooke
(Quebec, Canada)

Rigomagno; the icscis component (2009-2005) – Educational program in Italy
The City of Rigomagno, (Commune Sinalunga, Italy). 

Earth, Water and Fire: Art Trip Egypt (2007, 2008)
An AHST and watercolor workshop in Caro, Siwa, Alexandria and Luxor.
MWCTC at Studio Italia (2006) – Educational Tour in Italy
Minnesota West Community and Technical College,
(Worthington, MN, United States).

In the Heart of the Renaissance I and II (2005 & 2006)
Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences
(Seattle, WA, United States).

The Surrealist Planet  (2002)
A week-end art history seminar in conjuncture with the Surrealist Exhibit in New York City (Ottawa, ON).
Art History Seminar France and Italy  (2002 ) – Educational Tour
South West Minnesota Technical College
Minnesota West Community and Technical College, (Worthington, Minnesota, United States).
The Clash of Titans: Matisse and Picasso (2003).
A week-end art history seminar in conjuncture with the Matisse Picasso exhibit in New York City.

The Group of Seven Memorial
Painting Canoe Trip I – VIII  (2002-1995)
A unique art workshop offered on Georgian Bay on one of the Greats Lakes, Lake Huron, in commemoration of the Canadian Group of Seven (throughout Ontario and U.S.A.).

The Quiet Revolution (2000)
A series of conferences offered at Universidad del Rosario and the Museo Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá.

… and many more!

Since 1997 Walk the Arts (icscis inc.) has been offering top quality painting workshops, art classes, and art history tours in Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, and the United States.

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Prof. Yves M. Larocque in front of a view of the Val d'Orcia getting ready for an art class in Italy

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