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1) Painting in the Tuscany hills
2) Husbands shopping for their wives
3) Done! in Montepulciano
4) Santa Marguerita in Cortona
5) Painting around Cortona

Studio Italia

The Workshop | Letting Go | Serious Fun

Oct. 1-11, 2019 (1 place left)
June 15- 24, 2020 (7 places left)
Oct. 5- 14, 2020 (taking registrations)

The Painting Workshop

A "top quality painting workshop" in Italy open to art lovers and artists of all levels, from the beginners who wish to explore their creativity to the professionals in the search of new concepts and challenges Studio Italia is a unique art experience that combines plein air painting, art history/theory lectures, touring and gastronomy (our cooking book) in the most beautiful area in Tuscany.

Ten full days devoted to art classes in the medium of your choice: oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc. Mornings are dedicated to art instruction at the lodge, afternoons to lighter coaching in a beautiful village in Tuscany (Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, etc.), and evenings to discussions around gastronomic meals and wine. Also, we spend one day in Florence visiting the Uffizi Museum and some of the city’s most important art sites

During our residential art workshop in Italy, you are free to follow our program or to work at your own pace. Also, you can work on sketches for the first few days, and then proceed to more accomplished works derived from these esquisses. And if you decide to take some time off and just wander around, you may do so. Lectures for all, instruction for most and personal coaching for those who wish, are the most important foundations of our painting workshops in Tuscany. Studio Italia is so popular that we have had participants who have joined us two and three times already.

Our groups are small, so we can offer personalized instruction and an intimate and fun environment. Since our aim is to foster your creativity, all our painting workshops include art theory lectures which are essential in your search for a personal artistic path. Studio Italia is also suitable to the artist’s partner who desires to enjoy Italian landscape and famous cuisine and wines. Accompanying partners are also part of all group’s expeditions and are welcome to attend our stimulating art lectures.

Art retreat Italy june 2020
The prospectus


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The Location

Studio Italia is given near Torrita di Siena just in the middle of the beautiful regions of the Val di Chiana and the Val d’Orcia . We stay in an old medieval borgo house, with its original terra cotta tiled floors and beamed ceilings, yet with the comfort of modern conveniences. Our house has a vast studio/living room with a huge fireplace, a large dining table and a kitchen. All studio|bedrooms, named after Renaissance artists, have their bathrooms It is the perfect place for a painting workshop.
(see the rooms).

Our popular gastronomic meals provided at the lodge are a reflection of the Italian cuisine (to know more on meals). Bells will call you early in the morning to paint, or to simply wander and meditate upon your work. Needless to say, this environment will contribute to the re-evaluation of your pictorial themes and to the renewal of your palette. The view of the hilltop medieval villages such as Pienza (The English Patient), Castelmuzio, or Prolio will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized.> see prospectus.

The price

The price of our painting workshop in Tuscany is CAD$ 3,375 (2020) or the equivalent in US$ at the time of full payment (around US $ 2,580 as of July 2019). As for our artists from Australia and New-Zealand, our currencies are very close. The art workshop includes: painting instruction, art theory and art history lectures, nine-night double accommodation, all breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners including wine and digestif, transportation from and to the Arezzo train station , transportation to all painting/visiting sites (Montepulciano, Cortona, Pienza, etc.), train ticket to Florence and entrance to the Uffizi Museum.

CALL > (800) 611-4789 or e-mail info@walkthearts.com

One of our publications
art class Italy

One exhibit
Painting workshop Italy

A Studio Italia Alumni exhibit which happened in Canada in March 2011. An icscis/walkthearts artist is a friend for life. Available on www.blurb.com.

The Macchiaioli
Art vacations 2020

The Macchiaioli were a group of Italian painters...> to learn more

Art competitions
art retreat Tuscany We try as much to involve our painting workshops into the artistic context of the area such as participating in various municipal art competitions... just for the fun of it. Undoubtedly, the participant decides yes or no if she/he wants to partake in this formidable learning experience.

Left, the Cortona's Musica sacra Festival brochure with its one day art competition under the theme of "Colors, shapes, faith in Cortona".

Nobody sees a flower - really -
it is so small it takes
time - we haven't time - and to see
takes time, like to have a friend
takes time. (Georgia O'Keefe)

Since 1996, icscis walkthearts have been offering quality painting or art workshops and educational tours in France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, United States and Colombia. It is in Tuscany (around Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona) that we paint in plein-air, learn and discuss, since the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia are just astounding and the quality of life, seducing.  Attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world, mostly New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa and Australia, our painting courses and art history seminars are given to small group by professional artists and art historians. walkthearts.com also provides educational travel for high school, college and/or university students, or on a private basis. Walkthearts offers a living experience through the arts.

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