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1) In Tuscany!
2) Painting in the Hills of Tuscany
3) Lost in green in Cortona
4) Sunflowers in Italy
5) Our house and the Palazzo
6) Pre-departure newsletter
7) the Adelaide group 2009
8) Risotto alla Bronzino (Monica Marquez)

Our painting workshops

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Oct. 1-11, 2019 (1 place left)
June 15- 24, 2020 (7 places left)
Oct. 5- 14, 2020 (taking registrations)

Since 1996, in June and October, we have been offering quality painting workshops in Italy, France, and Colombia.  But it is in the region of Tuscany where we spend more time following the path of our hearts and that of the Macchiaioli. The landscapes of the Val d’Orcia, Siena, Montepulciano, and Cortona are just astounding and the quality of life is seducing.  Our art workshops have been attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world. Moreover, 38% of first time participants return for the same workshop; and nearly 60% join another Walk the Arts’ art experience.

Since our painting courses consist of a maximum of 8-12 participants, we are able to offer personalized art instruction. Our aim is to help participants enhance their creative path. Also, Walk the Arts has worked with American Colleges and Universities providing special credit programs for their students.

Many of our past participants considered our art workshops as fantastic art summers camps for adults because of the “totality of the experience embracing rigour” since everyone followed an exciting schedule and returned home with the intense feeling of having accomplished something.

“In depth learning about art, art history and art theory” wrote another participant; also true since knowing that everything is now being found on the Web (read our post), we can simply not afford to rehash first-hand information. Of course we do help everyone to reach their desired colors and shapes, but through other more meaningful ways.

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All of our painting workshops are intended for:

1) beginners who wish to discover painting;
2) art students and artists of all levels who desire to reflect upon their art and who need new visions, new challenges, in brief, a new commitment toward painting;
3) experienced artists who simply wish to carry on what they do without supervision;
4) individuals who wish to explore creativity through painting and;
5) the "symbolic other" who desires to accompany her/his partner to a Walk the Arts workshop, either to enjoy the sites and the regional cuisine, or to explore their first encounter with art.

Oil painting, watercolor, acrylics are all welcomed mediums for our plein-air daily art classes.

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painting workshops newsletterPersonalized instruction and pre-departure newsletter
Our pre-departure newsletter with all the details about the art classes including meeting point, material list, meals, teaching philosophy, final schedule, etc.

art painting workshops Italy 2020Forming a group
While the majority of art courses offered in Europe do not establish a minimum of participants, in icscis we believe in the importance of group dynamics for the success of our art experiences. Therefore our groups vary between a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12. Also, by experience we know that attending one our painting workshops is also creating long life friendships!










A gastronomical experience
Above the cober of our cooking book (2018).

At icscis/walkthearts we love creative cooking and we believe that a unique meal can be lived as an art experience. This is why discussions around gastronomic meals are indeed a highlight of our painting workshops in Tuscany and Provence. > click here for more details on our meals

Look and you will find it
- what is unsought will go undetected.

Since 1996, icscis walkthearts have been offering quality painting or art workshops and educational tours in France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, United States and Colombia. It is in Tuscany (around Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona) that we paint in plein-air, learn and discuss, since the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia are just astounding and the quality of life, seducing.  Attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world, mostly New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa and Australia, our painting courses and art history seminars are given to small group by professional artists and art historians. walkthearts.com also provides educational travel for high school, college and/or university students, or on a private basis. Walkthearts offers a living experience through the arts.

updated July 17, 2019