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“You gave me a context and measure for my work. Your presentations showed me some of the huge iceberg on which my tiny crystal of ice rests!”

Photos (left to righ and downward)

1) Detail of a sculpture, MET, New York
2) Fred Forest giving a lecture at
the National Gallery in Ottawa (icscis)
3) Sky (icscis)
4) Monica Marquez registering students to the
Cortona art competition
5) A view of Pienza

What is Walk the Arts?
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Art workshops, art history, ideas; living through the Arts

Walk the Arts is the trademark of a small cultural company called icscis inc. Thanks to the Internet, it operates from North America, Europe and South America.

We have been giving painting classes in Tuscany and Provence since 1997. We promote experiential learning through art workshops, art history seminar tours and culinary experiences on four continents. Our quality programs are suitable for artists and art lovers of any age and level, the lifelong learners, as well as all type of educational institutions.

You may see your workshop as an art retreat or simply a painting holiday with fantastic meals.


Our first mission is the following:

Since the first criteria in art is “authenticity”, our mission is then simple yet very interesting: to invite our guests, our plein air artists, to express their true self through the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and an intimate environment that foster creativity and fun.

We also aim to increase cultural knowledge at all levels, for everyone, by offering high quality art and art history classes.

We offer affordable art workshops to make art accessible to all.


Our values are: authenticity, integrity, generosity, innovation, passion, audacity, knowledge, conviviality among others.


Our two complementary segments

Walk the Arts…the Art School
Walk the Arts … the Art School offers professional painting workshops and art courses in Europe, North America and South America.

As written, we offer unique “plein air” painting workshops in the most beautiful and historical locations in Italy, France and Colombia. Because our groups are small, we offer personalized instruction. All our painting workshops are suitable for artists of all levels, all mediums, from the beginner who wishes to explore the creative process, to the professional in the search of new ideas and challenges.

Since our mission is to help participants discover their own creative path, all our painting workshops include art history and art theory lectures, essential elements in the search of authenticity. Other highlights include group critiques, painting sessions in nearby villages and group discussions around gastronomic meals.

Walk the Arts… the Art History courses
Walk the Arts also offers a series of art history seminar tours (called "Art Trips") that introduce participants to the art and architecture of the hosting country. Our cultural expeditions in Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Colombia and the United States are a magical combination of art history lectures, discovery walks, museums and fine cuisine.

Our personalized programs are intended for active, dynamic, opened minded groups willing to immerse in the culture of the visiting country in order to live in depth the experience of art, history and religion and to return home with rewarding memories.

We also offer tailored programs to educational institutions who wish to enrich their curricula by offering out of country classes or seminars on art, architecture, art history, museums and the rich treasures of cities.  

Some American colleges, now being aware of the quality of our cultural programming, are conferring credits for our classes and workshops; we offer a Certificate of completion for all our cultural activities.

In brief, at Walk the Arts (icscis inc.), we believe that a deeper understanding of arts and culture leads to the betterment of the self, hence of all societies.

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There is no must in art because
art is free. (Wassily Kandinsky)

Since 1996, icscis walkthearts have been offering quality painting or art workshops and educational tours in France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, United States and Colombia. It is in Tuscany (around Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona) that we paint in plein-air, learn and discuss, since the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia are just astounding and the quality of life, seducing.  Attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world, mostly New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa and Australia, our painting courses and art history seminars are given to small group by professional artists and art historians. walkthearts.com also provides educational travel for high school, college and/or university students, or on a private basis. Walkthearts offers a living experience through the arts.

updated February 8, 2019