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“I did not expect so much heart. Your enthusiasm and dedication to the process was inspiring to me and made me realise that I can do so much more with whatever talent I have.”

Photos (left to righ and downward)

1) Shadow (Monica Marquez)
2) Children on Colombian beach (icscis)
3) Cypress trees (icscis)
4) Yves with Colombian soldier
5) Colombian soldiers training (La Semana, Bogotà)
6) Lina drawing in Colombia (icscis)
7) Roberto's drawing (icscis)


Our last project (2012):

Kangaroos, Beavers and Gorgonzola

Having traveled so many times to Colombia and witnessed the social strife that plagues this unsettled nation, we came to realize that, in our own way, we must "do something" to help heal the wounds of poverty, war and terrorism. Through the arts, we are directing our energy to the children of Colombia, as they too, like all children, embody the future aspirations of our planet.

Walk the Arts receives but also gives back. A small portion of the revenues from the art workshops permit our team to develop relationships with other funders as well as people and groups in need. By choosing an icscis experience, you contribute to democratization in developing countries which is an important. walkthearts receives but also gives back. In brief, at icscis, we believe that a deeper understanding of arts and culture leads to the betterment of all societies.

A Studio Italia Alumni Exhibit was held during March and April, 2011 at La Nouvelle Scène in Ottawa. The show entitled Kangaroos, Beavers and Gorgonzola, featured the works by 42 artists from Australia, Canada and Italy. Every artist showed one work done during Studio Italia, our painting workshop in Tuscanyoffered every June and October since 1997.  The opening took place on March 5th and was attended by more than 400 people!
All the proceedings from the sale of the artworks were donated to Fundación Germen de Paz in Barranquilla, Colombia. The donation went to the charity's Plan Padrino (Sponsor Program)to help provide food, education, and psychological assistance for children displaced by violence and living below poverty line in Barranquilla. Here is the link to the foundation: http://www.germendepaz.org

Walk the Arts Exhibit

 The Proniño Drawings (2001)
With the children of Proniño in Bogotá, an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) dedicated to the well being of the poorest children of the Colombian capital, we did established a short meeting between them and Canadian children via art and video. After completely refurbishing their many art material shelves with pastel, paper, gouache, paintbrushes, etc. bought at the closest Panamerican store, more than 20 children from Bogotá painted a scene of their city: "My city Bogotá". The event was filmed on video; communiqués of our activity were e-mailed from Bogota

to various Canadian newspapers. One Canadian school called asking us if it was possible to show the Proniño Drawings in their school. We were welcomed with our drawings and video. The reception was tremendous. On the blackboard we explained the geographical, historical and sociological contexts of Colombia.

The little Canadians learned a lot on that cold winter afternoon. In return, the young pupils drew their own Canada with moose, snow and beavers; and we also videoed everything. They also collected art material, and some necessary stuff for them which was brought back by us to Colombia only a few months later. Back to the NGO, the children watched on TV the Canadian children with their snowsuits, school yards, computer rooms, and also their wealth.

It is true that the project was a simple one, but we are certainly convinced that this simplicity will undoubtedly contribute to the betterment of the Colombian society. It is that type of humble yet forceful project that we are now promoting.

The Proniño Drawings were also shown in early summer at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.
(Winston Churchill)

Since 1996, icscis walkthearts have been offering quality painting or art workshops and educational tours in France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, United States and Colombia. It is in Tuscany (around Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona) that we paint in plein-air, learn and discuss, since the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia are just astounding and the quality of life, seducing.  Attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world, mostly New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa and Australia, our painting courses and art history seminars are given to small group by professional artists and art historians. walkthearts.com also provides educational travel for high school, college and/or university students, or on a private basis. Walkthearts offers a living experience through the arts.

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