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“I loved the way you engaged with us. You acted always with kindness, tact and heartfelt good intentions. You chose to be a part of the joyful silliness that we engaged in and we all enjoyed your company, your laughter and especially the hard work you put in to support the group.”

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1) Walking the arts in Florence (icscis)
2) Admiring Boticelli's Birth of Venus at the Uffizi (icscis)
3) Gordon athe BMFA in Boston (icscis)
4) MArc-André giving is exposé near Florence (icscis)
5) One of our class rooms in Rome (icscis)

Art... our Forte

experiential learning | serious fun

Art History Seminar Tours (ahst)

Our Art History Seminar Tours (AHSTs) are a fine combination of classroom work, museum visits, and city exploration, designed for everyone. You may even add an art workshop componant. Some American and Canadian colleges now aware of the quality of our educational tours or cultural trips are conferring credits for our programs; we also offer a Certificate of Completion for our cultural activities.

On a semester basis, the students will be expected to fulfill their college course load. On shorter educational tours, however, they may be required to research a specific topic in their fields of interest. The students will present the results of their research on an historical site connected and relevant to the chosen topics.


We have in Italy access to classrooms, studios and large houses to comfortably accommodate more than 50 students. Our Borgo is perfected located, Rome, Florence, Siena, Perugia, Orvieto, Pienza, Assisi, Cortona being only a few kilometers away. It is the ideal location for a life-changing semester in Art History, Fine-Arts, Architecture, Italian language, etc.

With our partners, we take care of all the logistics (hotels, ground transportation, flight, guided tours, schedule, classrooms, museum reservations etc.) We stay in small hôtels and pensione, and sometime we eat "on the run" (sur le pouce in French). We travel like the Europeans: by subway, by train; and we also walk a lot.

Call 800.611.4789 (e.s.t.) for more details

The life which is not examined
is not worth living. (Plato)

Since 1996, icscis walkthearts have been offering quality painting or art workshops and educational tours in France, Italy, Egypt, Spain, United States and Colombia. It is in Tuscany (around Montepulciano, Pienza and Cortona) that we paint in plein-air, learn and discuss, since the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia are just astounding and the quality of life, seducing.  Attended by hundreds of art lovers and artists from all around the world, mostly New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Ottawa and Australia, our painting courses and art history seminars are given to small group by professional artists and art historians. walkthearts.com also provides educational travel for high school, college and/or university students, or on a private basis. Walkthearts offers a living experience through the arts.

updated February 8, 2019